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Tarzan & Janes :: Family photographer :: Lexington, KY

Tarzan & Janes :: Family photographer :: Lexington, KY

I love this family.  I’ve been photographing the twins since they were ~8 months old, and watched them welcome their baby sister into the world 4 years ago.  They are a hoot!  So fun, playful, and energetic – just my kind of session 🙂 I found some pretty weeping willow trees & the boy immediately transformed into Tarzan, swinging from the branches.  His twin quickly followed suit.  The very mature 4 year old, took on supervisor role, helping push them off, and then looked me straight in the eyes, with hands on her hips and told me “I will not do THAT.  It’s just not SAFE.”  What characters!!

Oh, and their parents are celebrating their anniversary this week.  Happy anniversary, guys!



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