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Cinderella :: personal collaborative project

Cinderella :: personal collaborative project

My friend and colleague, Heather Larkin, who does some amazing fairy work and is based in Athens, Georgia, asked me to take part in a collaborative project.  She asked a group of photographers to submit images with their interpretations of “Cinderella”.  She then compiled them into a magazine style publication.  You can check it out here:

I was excited about the project, because I knew it would push me outside my comfort zone and force me to take & edit images I usually don’t do.  It was a fun project.  To tell you the truth, I am not a big princess fan, and even my daughters are a bit disappointed that I can never name “my favorite”.  My oldest’s favorite is Aurora (probably because of all the pink), and my youngest daughter changes her favorite frequently, but her current favorite is Rapunzel.  It’s fun to watch them get immersed in the magic of it all.

But for this project I wanted to have my own spin, and I especially wanted to focus on Cinderella finding happiness without the help of a prince 😉  In my images, I wanted to show her lonely at first, working hard, and finally finding happiness in the magic of books & reading. From a technical stand point, I played with a few different lightning methods, like off camera flash, using a candle for light source, and playing around with textures and overlays in photoshop.  What a great learning experience!

Here are my images:



Please be sure to check out the rest of the submissions:

Marie Asbury – Sioux Falls, SD – finishedvision.com
Monique Duke – Albuquerque, NM – moniqueduke.com
Lori Fowlkes – Fredericksburg, VA – lorielizabethphotography.com
Lauren Harms – Boise, ID – shadylanestudios.com
Jessica Holden – Sunnyvale, CA – jessicaholdenphotography.com
Heather Lickliter Larkin – Athens, GA – fairyography.com


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