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Super Toddler :: Lexington Children Photographer

Super Toddler :: Lexington Children Photographer

It took only a couple of minutes into our session for me to know what a determined fighter little ‘T’ is.  Without giving up, he attempted to pick up a tiny leaf and drop it into the fountain over 5 times, each time the wind blowing it back out on the edge.  He would pick it again, and try again.  To say that this was a challenge is nothing compared to what he has already faced in his short 20-month life.  He’s already over come numerous surgeries, and 6 chemo cycles, just to name a few.  He wasn’t supposed to walk, but he does, and he does it very well.  He’s a brave hero in every sense of the word.  He’s also a typical toddler, who loves to explore, and definitely enjoyed the freedom of running around, checking out the leaves on the ground, and even exporling some door knobs.  His smile warms up your heart & his bright blue eyes sparkle – what a happy boy, and a total ham too.  He’s a lucky little guy to have two awesome parents who support him, challenge him, and love him.

It was my honor to spend a morning with you, super ‘T’!




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