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Noelle & Khalid |engagement photography::Lexington, KY|

Noelle & Khalid |engagement photography::Lexington, KY|

I did a quick “pre” sneak yesterday, but I really wanted to have some time to think/write about this session.

Khalid is the little brother I never had.  I am a mom now, so I am allowed to get a little sappy, so bear with me 😉  I was 6 when he was born, and he’s been in my life since.  I remember the words that he used to mis-pronounce, and waaaay too many happy memories to list here.  I am so completely proud of the man he has become, which only made this session so much more special.  It is an honor for me to capture this special time in his life…and in sweet Noelle’s.  You two are just perfect for each other, and I couldn’t be happier to call you my “sister”-in-law, Noelle.

I met Noelle when she was barely a teen.  She has an infectious smile that just brightens your day.  She’s gorgeous, creative, and has waaay better form than Khalid (see bottom left and right photos for proof).

These two middle school sweet hearts have grown up together.  Their love is apparent in everything they do – they are fun, down to earth, sweet, smart, happy, goofy in the best way, and most of all beautiful – inside and out!  They have been together for YEARS (anyone who knows them can attest to that), but they still look at each other and can’t help being smitten, flirty, and completely in love.

Noelle & Khalid – Congratulations!!!!  I love you both, and I can’t wait to see you tie the knot in July 🙂


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